Our Subcontractors & Vendors

All our incredible subcontractors were born in Lincoln or Teton County. Living over half of their lives (25+ years) building their business in the Jackson Hole region, while becoming stellar specialists in their individual industry. Our subcontractors along with our colleagues are the foundation of our company. We rely on their expertise, judgement & knowhow to collaborate and problem solve on a daily basis.

Our subcontractors align with Holderman Construction every step of the journey. They constantly serve as an extra asset to our homeowners throughout the process. Supporting the homeowner, by looking out for what is best for both when a concern arises.

Our subcontractors always respond to phone calls, they are loyal, punctual and show up; especially when it is an emergency. We feel that they respond to Holderman Construction first, the brotherhood of construction. It is a quality we aspire to achieve with our clients and home owners every day.

“When we call – they show up immediately – that is why they are on our team!”

Scott Holderman

Our preferred vendors: our partners

Forged in exceptional business practices, preferred vendors are the backbone of any successful construction team. We rely on Jackson Lumber, Bison Lumber, and Jenkins Lumber for their unparalleled service and quality. The advantage to purchasing local products is that when we build a home or commercial project, we are fortifying our community too!

When we purchase a door from Jackson Lumber, a Moen faucet from our plumber, or lighting from our electrician those items are warrantied. Rarely, a door fails during installation, or something else doesn’t go the way we expect.

Thankfully our preferred vendors like Jackson Lumber will have a door for us the next day. Similarly, if a faucet or light fails even after installation our subcontractors and preferred vendors will honor that work and product and replace it as quickly as possible.

We direct projects forward

Conversely, homeowners can order their own products to save a few cents. However, when a tub fails in shipping, or a faucet is not operable, it costs both down time on the job site as well as the cost of replacing the faulty item. Sadly, homeowners end up paying twice, or more, for the same product. Replacements rarely arrive the next day or even the next month. Unforeseen costs quickly add up when an inspection is not completed because of the delayed product, subcontractors are sent to another job while waiting on that product.

Lastly, these types of issues can easily cascade into a homeowner being delayed on their certificate of occupancy, which exponentially adds up and costs the homeowner even more. Construction is a carefully choreographed process and Holderman has your back from ground breaking through project completion.