Structural Beam to Our Community

Giving Back to Our Communities – The Holderman Construction team pays it forward by supporting our local businesses. Committed to our community through our nonprofits, Holderman Construction gives 1% of profits to a local nonprofit.

We give 1% to local nonprofits

Each billing cycle our clients vote on which of the deserving nonprofits they would like our profits to help. Clients also suggest what non-profit organizations will be enrolled in future rounds of voting.

Currently Astoria and Lucky’s Place are in the running to receive funds after this quarter.

Bronze Member of Teton County Fair

Alpine Food Bank

Bronze Backer

Habitat for Humanity

Humanitarian Mission

Employee Housing

WNPR Donator/Contributor

Good Samaritan Mission

Holderman’s intellect coupled with their sweat-equity, resources, time, and expertise allows them to overcome unique challenges in resort towns and their surrounding regions. Anyone familiar with the greater Jackson Hole region and adjacent neighborhoods knows that housing for colleagues can be an immense challenge.

The Holderman’s have taken this challenge to a ‘HOLE’ new level. Heck one of their long-time colleagues doesn’t just rent a tiny little bedroom somewhere, he’s got an entire house! While Holderman Construction isn’t immune to these challenges, they channel their creativity in resolving these everyday needs; standing as a testament to what they do for their clients too.